Welcome to ASDT

Committed to helping keep you and your colleagues safe

Welcome to ASDT

Committed to helping keep you and your colleagues safe

ASDT provides expert personal safety, awareness and self-defense training for companies and organisations.

Our aim is to support organisations and their staff in developing their confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of personal safety.

Our Focus

Personal Safety

Reducing your risk by taking steps to protect yourself is key. Employers have a duty of care for their staff, however, you are also responsible for your own personal safety and feeling safe is a fundamental part of life.


Being aware of your surroundings and the risk of potential threats is crucial to increasing your confidence. Most people do not appreciate how different their perception is during the day compared to at night.


As a last resort, having the means to be able to defend yourself against a physical attack, could save your life.When it comes to self defence it is better to have the power and not need it than to need it and not have it.

We are a national training company based in the North West. We look to raise individuals awareness of their surroundings at work, on the street, at home or play and provide them with tools for dealing with potentially threatening situations. Employers have a legal obligation to keep their staff safe from harm. Under the Health and Safety Act 1974, you must review your policy and practice to ensure that staff are kept safe, both in and away from the office.

Our Expertise

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Why clients work with us


We have gained our skills in and around personal safety for more than 30 years. Our wealth of knowledge and experience will ensure that all delegates will benefit in increasing their awareness and knowledge of personal safety.

Bespoke Training

Seminars can be tailored to suit. We understand the constraints placed on employers and their staff’s time and as a result, we have delivered seminars during lunchtimes, after work or in separate modules over a number of weeks.


The ASDT team delivers the course content in a professional manner with a little humour along the way! Delegates can range from senior lawyers through to office staff and interns and everyone who attends will benefit in some way.

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